Description of some of our repair services, processes and philosophies:

Saw blade or cutting tool repair process

1. We acknowledge and describe saw blades and tools received.

2. We clean and inspect saw blades and tools for repair and assess damage or extent of repairs needed.

3. We write up work orders for the repairs needed and get a customerís verbal or written approval. Purchase orders (POs) will need to be submitted at the time of approval. POs provided at the time tools are taken off our customerís premises will get the latest information for updating.

4. We perform repairs or whatever is needed to restore saw blades or cutting tools as close to original design specifications as possible.  We remove the minimum amount of carbide or cutting edge material as possible to restore maximum edge sharpness.

5. We clean and inspect saw blades and cutting tools after repair for quality conformance.

6. We seal or otherwise protect cutting edges from damage by using hot dip products, rubber rings on saw blades or plastic mesh netting on cutting tools. Cutting edge protection may vary as we see fit.

Saw blade or cutting tool repair philosophies:

ß One of the most popular routine maintenance services that we offer is sharpening of carbide tipped saw blades and cutting tools. The primary tools we sharpen are carbide tipped saw blades from 4 to 34 inches in diameter for cutting a variety of materials but mainly wood and aluminum. We also repair damaged or broken carbide tips and in some cases perform complete saw blade overhauls if the cost to repair justifies this kind of major work. Either way, our customers are always given the choice to decide, we donít just do repairs without proper authorization unless that is what our customers prefer. We only use the highest quality replacement carbide tips and we use the appropriate grade and size. We do not modify your saw blade plate to accommodate carbide tips that we have in stock. If we donít have the correct carbide tips in stock, we order them immediately. Our opinion of using oversized or improper grade of carbide tips and making them fit is poor shop practice. If we inspect a customerís saw blade and find that poor shop practice has been performed in the past we offer two options.  One option is complete overhaul or we recommend scrapping the tools and replacing them with new ones. In the case of complete overhauls or re-tipping, we only do the repairs if a saw blade plate hasnít been modified in itís past by cutting, grinding, bending welding or holes drilled to stop cracks. We donít take chances with cutting tools that can run as high as 15,000 surface feet per minute at their cutting edge.  In addition, improper carbide tip sizing and selection can create a static and most probably a dynamic imbalance situation which could damage a saw machineís bearings or much worse an operator.

ß We put most of our efforts into providing service to industrial and commercial customers that need quality circular saw and cutting tool repairs or routine maintenance. Routine maintenance is usually in the form of sharpening and inspections to maintain quality cuts and safer working environments.  Properly sharpened saw blades and cutting tools help keep quality cuts at their highest level, minimize production flow interruptions and help keep operating costs to a minimum.  Ultimately, sharp cutting tools help to maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction at all phases of a cut to size materialís processing.

ß Currently, we have no plans to sharpen scissors, lawn mower blades, barberís shears, pet grooming shears, kitchen or general purpose knives. Even though we primarily focus on the needs of industry, we fit individual or personal tool repair and replacement needs into our schedule. The home woodworker or small shop deserves quality service and tools at reasonable prices just like our industrial and commercial customers.

Top and Face Grinders:  Vollmer 8 CNC Axes Topper and Facer model CHD270 with ND230 Loading Robot and 2x Standard Auto Top and Face Grinders made by Wright Machine Tools of Oregon


Dual Side Grinder:  DS3 Automatic Dual Side Grinder made by Wright Machine Tools in Oregon


Universal Tool and Cutter Grinder:  Thorvie International AV-40 manual machine, can be used to top, face and side grind, sharpen router bits, shaper cutters and almost anything else.

Some of Our Work...

Before                      -                        After



Face Grinding: 220, 400, 600 & Multi Grit Depending on Application

Top Grinding: 150, 180, 220, 320, 400 & 600 Grit Depending on Application

Side Grinding: 180, 220 & 320 Grit Depending on Application

*Sharpening Price Schedule*

Thank you for considering Farris Precision for all your carbide tipped circular saw blade and cutting tool repair needs. We look forward to speaking with you in the future or becoming your one stop supplier for your all your industrial and commercial material cutting needs.